Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Neapolitan way....

The Rubinacci family have tailoring houses the world over, from the Italian style hot spots of Naples, Rome and florence to the hustle bustle of New York City and our very own London. The company is overseen by Mariano Rubinacci, who inherited this fine family tradition from his father Gennaro, a gentleman who in his time was so taken by British sartorial elegance, that he would import high quality fabrics from these very shores.

The next generation of this great Neapolitan dynasty is Mariano's son, Luca Rubinacci. With his own expression of classic tailoring, Luca has caught the eye of many photographers, stylists and general fashionistas worldwide. Never afraid of bold colours, this man is a a shining beacon of tailoring in the 21st century and hopefully a signifier of fantastic things to come.

Photos all taken by Scott Schuman 'The Sartorialist'.

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